Many factors contribute to the growth of any economy. One of the important factors for India's economy is Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). This particular region is considered to be the backbone of the country's economy as it is important for achieving inclusive and sustainable development. MSME is also considered a nursery for innovations and enterprises. A large number of jobs also arise from this sector. The MSME sector consists of 40 million units. More than 8 crore people get employment from this sector. The sector is known for producing more than 6500 products and contributes about 10 per cent of its GDP. Apart from this, it contributes about 45 per cent of the total manufacturing output and 50 per cent of India's exports. It should be understood from these facts that why MSME is so important for the growth of economy.

That is why we have pledged to provide jobs in India along with training of the first MSME sector.

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