About Us

Message From The Desk of Managing Director

Biplob Chakraborty

We live in a fast changing era. It has become very hard to keep up with the changes, the "Human Being" remains unchanged. Mostly important thing is how talents are put together and how their capabilities can add more values to the Cultural & Cinema World.

We are Recommend and given this Platform to Highlight their Perfect Talents and will Do Our Best To Open The Door in "Satellite World" of Audio Visual Industry For Opportunities for the Talents. Who wish to place themselves forward for the right moment.

Our Vision is The Best of the Best Talents to given Chance for Act/Performance their own field will be Shows in Our "JWORLD" APP. We take our biggest Pride in our "Indian People" as well. Our different Shows in this "App". Partners and Consultants who have experienced in the Industry and abilities with eminent Projects inside.

This "JWorld" App it's an another mile Stone of Our GROUP in Short Journey within Three Years. It's Officially Launching in the Month of August 2018 in All Over India and Worldwide Through Playstore App. Download in Your Smart Phone / Android Mobile. Enjoying National & International Selected Movies, Short Films, Webseries, Music Video etc.

Also Educational and Motivational Programs. Locally Mega Cultural Events. Along with Essential Commodity Services.

This "JWorld" App > Produce & Marketed By : Rista Multi Venture Private Limited And Project's Managed & Organized By : BBA Films Production.

We are Committed to you that we are Present Most Entertaining Projects making with Positive and Professional Attitude. Along with Talented and Trained Artist also Technicians are most experienced.

This "JWorld" App is a Right & Easiest Platform to Reach the Local and Unknown Talents are Enlighten into the Arena of Indian Cinema and Cultural World. Which is Our Motto.

Hope for the Best ! Congratulate To All For Our Grand Success and Creating New Benchmarks in Satellite World Also the Successful of Our National Mission - "Digital India".

Our Mission

"JWorld App" - The System Works for You. Empower Individuals by showing the path to financial freedom and achieved the Dreams of Audio Visual World as a STAR into reality. We Provide Individuals with World Class Platform to Show the Talent through Latest Web Technology in Satellite World, for the Successful Our National Mission -- " Digital India" !

Our Vision

To Create Over 10 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS By 2020 with Enjoying Our Entertainment Projects and Earnings 5 Digits Monthly Income by Sharing " JWorld App" only Investing just few hours of the day. While Spreading the Professional Brand Image to millions of People. We Help to Individuals affirm their Own Identity and Lead Life on their Terms.

Message From The Desk of CEO

Vairab Kumar

Dear Associates & Subscribers,

Offering Our Greetings, we would like to state that we believe your supports have created a bright, promising path ahead of us inorder to act just as your trust deserves. In all Sincerity, the management and Personnel of "JWORLD" APP, regard constant quality Promotion, Institutionalization of Innovation and adherence to the ethical principles and codes of conduct as the basis for Subscribers & Viewers orientation. We wish that our efforts to drive your satisfaction had given you the taste of calm and confidence, and that you would assist us once again in implement the development of Programs and utilizing the new projects and plans. It's hoped that enjoyment of this success will be yours.

We offer innovative suggestions with a new point of view in this Unpredictable World.

We produce business opportunities with a corporate strategy based on Web. We move the business to the next level with our unique twist of creativity. We develop Projects simply to make them adaptable to the New Era.

Creative Hope's keeps on innovating and producing surprising solutions with the help of Web Technology for Partners and Associates, also it's philosophy is to realize these ideas Mouth to Mouth Publicity and Sharing through our Subscribers and Associates.

I'm proud of the work, we will deliver what we promise and do it safely and sustainably. Enjoy Our "JWORLD" APP and Website also "JWorld" YouTube Channel.

On behalf of the Project Partner's Team, we consider it a privilege to work for our Subscribers and Viewers, Professionals, Artist and Technician Community as a whole. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Feel Free and given any Suggestions also Joining - Contact with Us ! For Entry in "Dream World."